Explore our Avirex collection on Freshman's Archive, your ultimate destination for unique, stylish vintage wear. Avirex is celebrated for its high-quality, military-inspired clothing. Choose from a wide array of iconic Avirex leather jackets and other apparel that have travelled through time, maintaining their distinct appeal. Infuse your wardrobe with a story of illustrious history and undeniable fashion. Avirex is a popular clothing brand, well-known for its aviation-inspired apparel. Originally founded in 1975 by Jeff Clyman, Avirex became the official supplier to the U.S. Air Force, creating authentic flight jackets. Over the years, it has transitioned into a fashion brand, gaining a large following particularly within hip hop culture. Avirex combines a unique mix of military and street styles, offering clothing, shoes, and accessories. Despite its evolution, the brand maintains its original character, continuing to draw inspiration from military aviation history.