Explore our exclusive collection of second hand Off-White clothes at Freshman's Archive. Off-White blends contemporary cultural resonance with high-end streetwear to create unique fashion pieces. You can find a range of products including stylish t-shirts, trendy hoodies, and sleek footwear. Our Off-White collection speaks to the modern, urban individual, offering street-inspired style with a luxury twist. Discover your next statement piece with Freshman's Archive's Off-White collection today. Off-White is a high-end streetwear brand founded by American fashion designer Virgil Abloh in 2012. The label is recognised for its stylized items like graphic hoodies, oversized denim, and signature yellow industrial belt. Off-White cleverly bridges the gap between streetwear and luxury fashion, embodying a contemporary, urban aesthetic. Its trademark designs featuring diagonal stripes have become universally recognizable. Abloh uses his platform to incorporate commentary on contemporary culture, making Off-White not just a brand, but a social critique.