Explore our collection of archival pieces from influential fashion designer, Helmut Lang. Renowned for his minimalist aesthetic and deconstructive style, our range features unique vintage clothing and accessories that align with contemporary trends. Browse a selection of Lang's timeless jackets, jeans, and tops, each brimming with his signature elements - sharp lines, monochromatic hues, and unconventional detailing. Enjoy shopping high-end, avant-garde fashion that tilts the balance, only on Freshman's Archive. Helmut Lang is a prestigious Austrian fashion house, famed for its minimalist, deconstructive, and often severe designs. Established by the eponymous designer in 1986, the brand pioneered a new form of chic by melding high fashion and street style. Lang himself stepped down in 2005 and the brand has since been carried forward by a revolving team of designers, each interpreting its stark aesthetic in their own unique way. This innovative brand maintains a strong influence on contemporary fashion, reflecting its founder’s legacy.