Discover our collection of second hand Paul & Shark items at Freshmans Archive. Known for their high-quality Italian craftsmanship, Paul & Shark presents a range of classic styling and durable pieces. Including signature polo shirts, comfortable sweaters, and waterproof jackets, this collection embodies a casual yet refined aesthetic. When looking for function and fashion combined, make sure to explore the Paul & Shark collection. Paul & Shark is a prestigious Italian luxury clothing brand. Founded in 1975, the company specialises in men's, women's, and children's apparel, accessories and footwear. Renowned for its nautical-inspired sportswear, Paul & Shark combines quality materials with functional design to create timeless pieces. The brand embodies Italian elegance and style and is globally recognised for its distinctive shark logo, signifying adventurous spirit and exploration. Over the years, Paul & Shark has established a strong reputation in the world of high-end fashion and continues to expand its presence internationally.