Discover our selection of vintage Iceberg products at Freshman's Archive. Our items range from the '80's to early '00s, showcasing Iceberg's iconic fusion of sportswear and luxury. Notable for their bold prints, these unique pieces of pop culture influenced fashion are a must for vintage enthusiasts. From classic tees to statement jackets, our Iceberg collection offers something for everyone looking to add a hint of nostalgia to their wardrobe. Dive into the history of fashion with Freshman's Archive and uncover a piece of Iceberg's legacy today. Iceberg is a renowned Italian luxury fashion design house. Founded in 1974 by Silvano Gerani and Giuliana Marchini, the brand connects with its audience through innovative design and creative storytelling. Over the years, Iceberg has established a significant footprint in the global fashion industry, known for their playfully chic knitwear and vibrant sportswear. Iceberg’s collection includes attire for both males and females—spanning ready-to-wear, accessories, and fragrances. The brand remains faithful to its heritage, even as it leads the way in comfortable yet contemporary lifestyle clothing.