Discover a selection of vintage Number Nine clothing at Freshmans Archive. Known for its distinctive designs and expert craftsmanship, Number Nine offers a unique fusion of punk, street and luxury fashion. Our collection features a wide range of pieces from this revolutionary brand, offering a touch of urban sophistication to your wardrobe. Shop our collection of Number Nine to explore the chic, casual style that has become a staple in contemporary fashion. Number (N)ine is a Japanese high-end fashion label founded by designer Takahiro Miyashita in 1996. The brand is known for its fusion of music, particularly rock and punk, with fashion. Each collection often cites specific music subcultures, lyrics, and music videos as inspiration. Despite its discontinuation in 2009, Number (N)ine’s influence remains prominent in the fashion industry, and it holds a critical place in Japanese fashion history. Number (N)ine's innovative cuts, eclectic influences, and focus on detail have solidified its legacy as an influential and enduring brand.