Vintage Issey Miyake Vest S/MVintage Issey Miyake Vest S/M

Vintage Issey Miyake Vest S/M

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Welcome to our curated collection of Issey Miyake pieces. As a renowned Japanese designer, Issey Miyake is well-known for his technology-driven clothing designs that are not just innovative, but stylish too. Our selection ranges from avant-garde jackets to trendy trousers, all designed with the brand's signature pleats. Every piece is a testament to Issey Miyake's continuous blend of tradition, innovation, and fresh ideas. Explore our range and add a modern yet timeless touch to your wardrobe today. Issey Miyake is an internationally renowned Japanese fashion designer known for his innovative, technology-driven designs. Born in Hiroshima in 1938, Miyake's work continues to influence the global fashion industry. His clothing line, launched in 1971, cleverly blends traditional Japanese styles with modern technology, creating unique fabrics and shapes. The brand is lauded for its marriage of art, nature and practicality. Notably, he invented a clothing fabrication known as "Pleats Please", wherein pleats are added after the garment is completed, making the clothing comfortable and easy to care for. His prominence has positioned him as a leader in global fashion innovation.