Explore our Fear of God collection at Freshman's Archive. This category features a variety of stylish and contemporary pieces from renowned designer Jerry Lorenzo's Fear of God label. Pieces range from vintage tees to high-end essentials, designed with a distinctive blend of American grunge and luxury fashion. This selection encapsulates modern streetwear trends, offering you a whole new approach to casual style. Immerse yourself in the Fear of God's world, which embodies sophistication, comfort, and attention to detail in each design. Fear of God is an influential high-end streetwear label founded in 2013 by self-taught designer Jerry Lorenzo. The Los Angeles-based brand quickly gained a cult following for its unique interpretation of the high-low mix, blending luxury fashion with a streetwear sensibility. Fear of God draws inspiration from 90s grunge to religious references, creating a unique balance of hip and reverent. Known for their oversized t-shirts, side-zip hoodies, and luxury sneakers, the brand is a favourite among celebrities and style influencers. It prides itself on impeccable craftsmanship, using only the finest materials.