Givenchy Paris Vintage Effect T-Shirt SmallGivenchy Paris Vintage Effect T-Shirt Small
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Givenchy Paris Shirt XLGivenchy Paris Shirt XL

Givenchy Paris Shirt XL

£160 Original RRP:£315
Givenchy Paris Star Shirt MediumGivenchy Paris Star Shirt Medium

Givenchy Paris Star Shirt Medium

£130 Original RRP:£315
Givenchy Paris NHL T-Shirt MediumGivenchy Paris NHL T-Shirt Medium
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Givenchy Paris NHL T-Shirt Medium

£140 Original RRP:£320
Givenchy Paris Stars Print T-Shirt LargeGivenchy Paris Stars Print T-Shirt Large
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Givenchy Paris Stars Flannel Shirt MediumGivenchy Paris Stars Flannel Shirt Medium
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Givenchy Paris Shirt LargeGivenchy Paris Shirt Large

Givenchy Paris Shirt Large

£225 Original RRP:£595
Givenchy Paris T-Shirt SmallGivenchy Paris T-Shirt Small

Givenchy Paris T-Shirt Small

£95 Original RRP:£300
Givenchy Paris T-Shirt LargeGivenchy Paris T-Shirt Large

Givenchy Paris T-Shirt Large

£200 Original RRP:£320
Givenchy Paris Text T-Shirt LargeGivenchy Paris Text T-Shirt Large

Givenchy Paris Text T-Shirt Large

£225 Original RRP:£300
Givenchy Paris Sweatshirt SmallGivenchy Paris Sweatshirt Small

Givenchy Paris Sweatshirt Small

£250 Original RRP:£550
Givenchy Paris Shirt XLGivenchy Paris Shirt XL

Givenchy Paris Shirt XL

£225 Original RRP:£595
Givenchy Paris Logo ScarfGivenchy Paris Logo Scarf

Givenchy Paris Logo Scarf

£110 Original RRP:£260
Vintage Givenchy Polo Shirt SmallVintage Givenchy Polo Shirt Small

Vintage Givenchy Polo Shirt Small

£50 Original RRP:£70
Vintage Givenchy T-Shirt SmallVintage Givenchy T-Shirt Small

Vintage Givenchy T-Shirt Small

£50 Original RRP:£90

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Givenchy is a luxury French fashion and perfume house founded in 1952 by designer Hubert de Givenchy. It is celebrated for its elegant and modern designs in haute couture clothing, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics. Over the years, Givenchy established itself in the world fashion industry with notable patrons including Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy. Today, it remains a symbol of sophistication and glamour, inextricably linked to its founder’s philosophy of timeless elegance. Its creative division is currently led by Matthew M. Williams, who continues Givenchy's tradition of innovative design.