Vintage Coogi Polo Shirt SmallVintage Coogi Polo Shirt Small

Vintage Coogi Polo Shirt Small

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Discover a classic range of vintage Coogi clothing at Freshman's Archive. Known for their colourful knitwear, Coogi's iconic designs offer unique style, comfort, and high-quality materials. Find authentic preloved pieces from the past, each offering a distinct fashion statement. Browse through our Coogi collection to find sweaters, vests, and more - each item mirroring the brand's distinct aesthetic. Adding a bold Coogi piece to your wardrobe evokes an air of 90s nostalgia coupled with sophisticated modern fashion. Coogi is an elite, international fashion brand known especially for its vibrant colour palette and intricate textiles. Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1969, the brand gained a booming popularity in the ‘80s and ‘90s, globally recognised for its unique, colourful knitwear. Coogi's innovative designs inspired a devoted following, including significant figures from pop culture and music, like Biggie Smalls. Today, the brand remains relevant, staying true to its original essence, while blending urban aesthetics and high fashion to create pieces celebrated for individuality, boldness, and appealing complexity.